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Poler Stowaway Camping Chair

Poler Stowaway Camping Chair

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Poler Stuff have designed this cool, collapsible camp chair so packable you'll forget that it's there. Single aluminium pole construction makes setting up while blindfolded very easy. It's lightweight, easy to use and the perfect mobile chair for your outdoor adventures. Stow in the van and set up with your Poler enamel ware to soak up the vibes. Featuring original Poler Stuff graphics to the chair and carry bag.

An essential piece for your camping kit and everyday adventures, plus it's great for home use in the garden or at the beach too. Perfect for travel, adventuring and keeping you relaxed along the way. From your favourite Oregon outdoor lovers Poler Stuff...

Dimensions: 110cm H x 45cm W x 40cm D

Packed Dimensions: 48.5cm L x 20.5cm W x 13.5cm H

Approx. Weight: 1.45kg

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