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RIVERS Coffee Grinder Grit

RIVERS Coffee Grinder Grit

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COMPACT AND PORTABLE. Given its compact size and portability, River's Coffee Grinder is the perfect companion for caffeine lovers! Coming in two colours (silver and black), this product is perfect for grinding fresh coffee, anytime anywhere. With its sleek and compact design, Rivers Coffee Grinder is a welcome addition to your camping or hiking essentials list. Its stylish design is complemented with long-lasting ceramic burrs and a silicone band for better grip handling ensuring that this product would last you for quite a while.

FUNCTIONAL AND ATTRACTIVE DESIGN. The coffee grinder comes with a band that is both functional and attractive. The band does not only serve to play up the grinder's aesthetic and make it iconic, it ensures that the grip stays in place and also holds the handle when not in use. With the band's addition, there is no need to worry about scratches to the body.

PREMIUM CERAMIC BLADE. The coffee grinder's main and pivotal point is its blade's shape. Unlike most coffee grinders, the upper blade of Rivers Coffee Grinder is fixed and durable. It is also rust-resistant with a small frictional heat to preserve the natural flavour of the beans. With the smart design, you can adjust the grind size as well. 

Product name: Coffee grinder Grit Set: 18-8 stainless steel (body, handle Capacity: about 120 ml (about 20 g beans) Capacity: about 120 ml (about 20 g beans) Capacity: about 120 ml (bean about 20 g) : Dimensions W: 50 mm × D: 54 mm × H: 161 mm (when storing the handle) Weight: Approx. 42 g (handle), approximately 178 g (including main body silicone band), approximately 220 g (gross weight) Production country: Japan

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