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RSI Smart Tray - Pick Up Bed Replacement

RSI Smart Tray - Pick Up Bed Replacement

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Introducing the revolutionary RSI UTE TRAY! It’s built SMART and is ready to combat every adventure and tackle your work schedule head on.

It is forged from Automotive Stainless Steel making it equal parts strong and anti-corrosive to ensure the construction is rust free.  

Pushing the boundaries of design and continuing to raise the industry benchmarks. The RSI Smart Tray is a sleek lightweight painted package design to compliment your vehicle.

 The RSI Smart Tray features 

  • LED Tail Lights 
  • Weather Sealed Trundle Drawer
  • 2K Aerocure Automotive Paint Finish
  • Under Tray Storage boxes (Behind Wheels) 
  • Rear Window Mesh Protection 
  • LED Number Plate Lights 


Available for: Ford Ranger / Raptor / Hilux Revo / Land Cruiser 79 DC

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